Crapo Concerned About 'Cram-Down' Effect of Debt Negotiations


When Idaho Sen. Mike Crapo told Citydesk this morning that "things were heating up," he wasn't referring to the heatwave that has gripped the nation's capital but rather the oppressive final days running up to the debt ceiling deadline.

"It is extremely hard to predict," said Crapo. "I believe we will see continued negotiations from all sides, including the White House, up until Wednesday night. If those negotiations don't result in some kind of agreement, you will probably see the House and Senate move forward with individual proposals."

But Crapo said after last night's polarizing television addresses from President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner, he is hard pressed to find a bridge to compromise.

"Frankly at this point, it's not easy to identify a key proposal that could pass both the House and Senate," said Crapo.

Additionally, Idaho's senior senator is concerned about rushing through a complex piece of legislation without proper due diligence.

"Once again, we're facing the cram-down effect that occurs when you face this kind of deadline," said Crapo. "So again, there is opportunity for skullduggery or mistakes because we did not have the time to look at the final work product before it is voted on."