Boise State Alzheimer's Research Yields its First Licensing of Antibody


In a first for Boise State, the university has licensed its first antibody for biomedical research around the globe. The licensing agreement was crafted by Boise State's newly formed Office of Technology Transfer within its Division of Research.

Boise State biology professor Troy Rohn formulated the antibody, known as caspase-cleaved beclin-1, as part of his research into the causes of Alzheimer's disease. By using the antibody, Rohn discovered that in Alzheimer's patients, a particular protein found in all cells was cleaved, or damaged.

In tomorrow's BW, we profile Rohn and learn about his Alzheimer's research at Boise State. Rohn said Alzheimer's has reached an epidemic level in Idaho, which at its current pace could bankrupt our medical systems of care by the middle of this century.