Romney Fundraising Tops $18 Million in April-June


Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney far outdistances other Republican challengers, at least when it comes to fundraising. New figures released today counted $12.7 million in Romney's campaign treasure chest and he continues to collect big bucks, pocketing more than $18 million in the April-to-June fundraising period. Romney's fundraising included private sessions with donors in Boise and Idaho Falls on June 20.

Romney outpaced Rep. Michele Bachmann by a 3-to-1 margin in banked cash. Bachmann said she would report $3.6 million in the bank. Tim Pawlenty, the former two-term governor of Minnesota, raised approximately $4 million during the April-to-June period. The report also detailed problems for former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who raised $2.1 million for the quarter but spent $1.8 million. Gingrich listed about $332,000 in the bank. Former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum reported taking in $582,000, with less than $225,000 banked. Rep. Ron Paul reported $2.9 million in the bank but moved more than $1 million from his congressional campaign committee. Aides said former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman collected $4.1 million but as much as half was expected to be money that he had put into the campaign himself. Huntsman declared his candidacy in June but did not file paperwork with the Federal Election Commission until July.