McGee Apologizes Again, GOP Committee Investigation Delayed


The Idaho Press Tribune reports this morning that Sen. John McGee sidestepped an effort to oust him as chairman of the Canyon County Republican Central Committee last night. McGee, who pleaded guilty to DUI following a bizarre series of events on June 19 that included him taking another person's vehicle and crashing it into another person's front lawn, apologized to the committee last night, saying, "My behavior that night has been covered and we all know what happened."

"I can tell you because [my wife] Hanna has to drive me to work in the mornings," said McGee. "I'm doing my time, and I'm paying my debt to society."

McGee's punishment included suspension of his driver's license for 180 days, participation in a victims' panel on drunk driving, one year of of unsupervised probation and restitution to the owners of the vehicle and the home where he crashed the SUV.

But District 13 GOP chairwoman Ronalee Linsenmann wanted something else Tuesday evening—a full investigation into the events of June 19. Linsenmann asked for a a special panel to investigate "any medical records or other information relevant to the issue."

McGee said the issue should first be considered by the Central Committee's executive committee. Linsenmann questioned if the committee's bylaws backed McGee's suggestion. But Sen. Curt McKenzie quickly asked for a voice vote to end the meeting, which abruptly came to a close at 8:30 p.m.