New Homeless Count: More in Shelters, Fewer on Street


The number of homeless individuals counted in a statewide census on Jan. 26 indicated a drop compared to a similar count in 2010.

The Point-in-Time count requires regional housing coalitions to number unsheltered and sheltered homeless persons and families in Idaho during one night in the month of January every year. In this year's PIT, 2,199 homeless persons were counted, a 6 percent decrease from the 2,346 registered last year. While the overall number of homeless dropped, those counted in sheltered residences increased, while those counted on the street dropped; 38 percent of the homeless counted in this year's survey were in Ada County.

The numbers indicated that 25 percent of the homeless in Idaho were minors, 24 percent suffered from substance abuse, 17 percent from mental illness, 23 percent were victims of domestic violence and 15 percent are veterans.