Boise School Trustees Will Decide Levy Amount Monday


The Boise School District Board of Trustees will meet tomorrow night. On the agenda is a recommendation of a specific amount for the August 30 levy election. In the current edition of BW, district budget and finance administrator Nancy Landon and public affairs administrator Dan Hollar talk about the need to put a levy before Boise voters.

"We're looking at a deficit of $17.5 million," said Hollar of the 2012-2013 school year. "Plus we're looking at projected funding, the values of the district's properties and the impact of the new Luna proposals."

Landon said the recently approved proposals crafted by Idaho school chief Tom Luna would reduce school salary appropriations by 1.67 percent in the current year, 4.05 percent in the next year and the reductions continue to grow in the next five years.

"We wouldn't be asking for this [levy] without a complete understanding of what's at stake," said Hollar. "We're talking about maintaining class sizes and retaining teachers so that we can hopefully avoid staff cuts."