Hearings on Areva Nuke Facility Set for Later This Month


The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has scheduled a series of public meetings in Eastern Idaho regarding a proposed uranium enrichment facility near Idaho Falls. France-based Areva hopes to build a $3.3 billion plant, promising to create 1,000 jobs during construction and 400 full-time jobs during operation.

But before the NRC grants any license, Areva must face scrutiny from the Atomic Safety and Licensing Board on Sunday, July 10, Monday, July 11, and Tuesday July 12. Among issues expected to be discussed is the nuclear accident at the Fukushima reactor in Japan, and recent floods and fires threatening nuclear facilities in the United States.

"With the Fukushima disaster now delivering ongoing blows to any rationale for increased uranium enrichment for nuclear reactor fuel, it's time to reconsider Areva's plans," said Liz Woodruf, executive director of the Snake River Alliance.