City Officials Seek Help with Skate Park Renovation


Boise city officials are ready for input from local skateboarders in hopes of renovating Rhodes Skate Park in Boise's west downtown near the Linen District. The Front Street park, just under the Connector, currently has rails, ramps, a basketball court, picnic tables and restrooms.

Some recommendations have already been gathered from a June 15 meeting, but now Boise's Parks and Recreation Department is turning to Seattle-based Grindline to facilitate comments in an online forum. Grindline is made up of skateboard park designers, concrete craftsmen, construction managers and professional boarders.

“The needs of the skate community have changed, evolved,” said Toby Norton, project manager. “Rhodes Park has been the same since day one.”

Some things will stay, and some elements should go, based on the feedback from “skateboard enthusiasts” at the June meeting. Interested parties may visit the forum at, click on “Boise, ID” and submit the password “Rhodes” to post ideas for the park and its future website.

Grindline is expected to craft a new master plan by using the suggestions, which will be distributed throughout the Linen District neighborhood before being reviewed by the Boise Parks and Recreation Commission.

“They’ll create a design to handle the different styles of skating,” said Norton. The goal is to create a space that is a regional draw to Boise skating venues.

The park’s renovations will be funded by private fund-raising efforts, which will be organized by the local skating community and supporting skate shops.