Boise Council Will Vote on SSTTOP Tuesday


In April, BW first told you about something called the State Street Transit and Traffic Operational Plan. The bold blueprint mapped out traffic alternatives to address population growth, which near State Street is expected to grow 93 percent by 2035. Planners said that if nothing were to be done to offer alternative transportation, State Street would be required to be as wide as nine lanes to accommodate growth.

The 100-plus page analysis is expected to be formally considered this Tuesday afternoon by Boise City Council. The suggested recommendation includes expansion of State Street to seven lanes between 23rd Street and Eagle Road, introduction of high-occupancy lanes for buses and multi-passenger vehicles, and a major expansion of Valley Regional Transit's commuter bus system.

Mayor Dave Bieter and council members will be asked to accept the SSTTOP analysis and fold it into the city's formal comprehensive plan. Valley Regional and Transit and the Capital City Development Corporation have have adopted the plan. The cities of Eagle and Garden City and Ada County Highway District have scheduled adoption dates.