After Break-In, Boise Bike Project Rolls On


The Boise Bicycle Project headquarters is almost patched up, a week after someone kicked in the back door and stole $1,000 worth of donations and merchandise.

Ron Friedli, a frequent visitor to BBP, installed a new door for free, and the organizers of the Halo Effect screening at the Egyptian Theatre donated all the proceeds from a raffle on June 18.

“It’s been amazing,” shop manager Amanda Anderson said. “We’ve received so many donations, mostly bikes and parts, but some money.”

Catherine Fischer, upon learning about the burglary, set up a ChipIn fund. So far 20 percent of the $1,500 goal has been met.

Additional steps have been taken to improve shop security. From now on would-be burglars will have to face a motion-activated floodlight, additional barbed wire and a stronger front door.

Boise police have yet to apprehend anyone for the theft, but Anderson provided a good profile of who it could have been based on the items taken.

“We’re assuming it’s a younger person. We know they’ve been in here before,” she said.

Anderson, however, was quick to relegate the incident to the past and focus instead on today's grand finale of BBP’s Pedal 4 the People campaign.

“We’re sticking to our mission,” Anderson said. “We still have faith that people are good.”