Boise Council Mulls Glass Agreement


Just one week after launching Boise's new glass recycling program, the City Council meets tonight to consider an agreement with Environmental Abrasives regarding all of the empties. The company wants to take recyclers’ glass, crush it and market it.

Subscribers can elect to to pay $9.95 per month for a new glass-only cart, which will be collected by Boise’s traditional trash contractor Allied Waste and taken to a storage area at the airport. Once there, it’s EA’s problem, or product, as the case may be.

According to its website, Environmental Abrasives’ core mission is to find a use for the non-degradable industrial wastes that just sat around non-degrading. They will most likely crush the glass using the city’s new Andela Glass Pulverizer (worth $500,000, but recently purchased from Mountain Home Air Force Base for $250). Once crushed, EA will most likely purify the product until it’s a pure silicon powder—valuable not only for electronics, but apparently also for insulation.

If adopted by the Boise City Council and approved by the mayor, the agreement would last for three years.