Proposed Boise Budget Unveiled


Looking for some light summer reading? How about 216 pages of Boise Mayor Dave Bieter's proposed budget for Fiscal Years 2012-2013? Click here to read the full document.

Among Bieter's recommendations:

- No standard compensation increases for general (non-union) employees in 2012. But he does recommend one-time performance-based compensation for "exemplary" workers.
- An expansion of the Boise Airport parking garage ($1.7 million in FY 2012 and $15.6 million in FY 2013) using operating cash flow and bonded debt.
- Renovations and upgrades to Julia Davis Park ($1.2 million in FY 2012) as part of a public-private partnership.
- Neighborhood reinvestment grants ($400,000 each in FY 2012 and FY 2013).
- Renovations or improvements to a series of parks: Marianne Williams, Stewart Gulch, Terry Day, Peppermint and Somerset parks.

In total the proposed spending plan for FY 2012 tops $330 million (approximately $14 million less than FY 2011), but it jumps to $350 million in FY 2013.

The public gets a chance to weigh in on the proposed budget beginning Tuesday, June 21, at 6 p.m. at Boise City Hall. Day-long budget workshops are set for June 27-29. The Boise City Council is expected to make a final ruling on the budget in mid August, in preparation for the beginning of the city's fiscal year, which begins in October.