Idaho Rivers United Adds Federal Highway Agency to Mega-load Lawsuit


In an amended complaint, Idaho Rivers United has added the Federal Highway Administration to its suit against the U.S. Forest Service for allowing the Idaho Transportation Department to issue mega-load permits.

IRU filed its original suit in March, charging the Forest Service had violated the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act and other federal laws for allowing Idaho to green-light the controversial shipments. ITD has yet to agree to any permits to ExxonMobil. The oil giant is applying for hundreds of permits to haul the giant loads from the Port of Lewiston, across the state on U.S. Highway 12 into Montana and up to the Kearl Oil Sands Project in Alberta, Canada. The suits are the only federal actions to date challenging the ExxonMobil mega-loads.

"The industrialization of this river corridor clearly violates the desires of Idaho's late Sen. Frank Church, who authored the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act," said Kevin Lewis, IRU conservation director. "It also violates the will of Congress and the American people, who have overwhelmingly supported the protection of these two (Clearwater and Lochsa) rivers."

You can read the amended complaint here. Mega-load_complaint.pdf