AEHI Back in Front of Payette County on Proposed Nuke Site


Alternate Energy Holdings, the controversial Eagle-based company with grand plans to build a $10 billion nuclear reactor in Payette County, makes its way back into the headlines tomorrow.

Officials with AEHI will be back in front of Payette County commissioners on Monday in an attempt to have a parcel of land rezoned from agricultural to industrial as a major stepping stone toward their plan to build a nuclear facility.

Last December, the Securities and Exchange Commission investigated AEHI's CEO Don Gillispie for a so-called "pump and dump" scam. While AEHI shares hovered around the 10-cent mark for a couple of years, stock jumped to 77 cents last September. The SEC accused Gillispie of misleading investors with allegedly fraudulent press releases and then selling the stock at inflated prices. The SEC also said that Gillispie tried to hide the stock sales. But in February, U.S. Judge Edward Lodge unfroze the company's assets, allowing Gillispie to move forward with his plans.

Payette County commissioners had delayed any decision on the land while AEHI battled the SEC but Monday evening, Payette County once more takes up the proposal.