Mission Director: Sleeping Outside in Boise is a Choice


Saying, "No one has to sleep outside. It is a choice," Bill Roscoe, executive director of the Boise Rescue Mission, said this morning that his organization's shelters should always have beds available.

"Our most crowded shelter has been at City Light Home for Women and Children, where we've had over 100 women and kids recently." said Roscoe. "That exceeds our bed count of 98, but we can still keep people inside using the floor space."

Roscoe added that when the men's shelter on River Street is full, 30 more men can be accommodated on the dining room floor.

The mission also announced that earlier this month, 22 men and women graduated from its addiction recovery program.

In 2010, the mission reportedly provided 126,300 "bed nights" and more than 340,000 meals. The mission receives no direct government funding.