Humane Society Wants to Segregate Horses During EHV-1 Outbreak


A spokesman for the Bureau of Land Management said late Thursday that so far, no animals managed by the BLM are known to have been infected by Equine Herpes Virus. But the Humane Society of the United States is urging the BLM to discourage and, if possible, prohibit owners of private horses from bringing animals at risk of EHV-1 onto federal lands where they could have contact with wild horses.

"The most vigilant thing for everybody to do is enjoy their horses on their own property until health officials have it sorted all out," the Humane Society's Holly Hazard told the Associated Press.

The BLM is consulting with animal health officials regarding the movement of wild horses and burros, as well as the scheduling of events such as adoptions that may place wild horses and burros in contact with those in the domestic horse community.

While several horse-related events have been postponed or canceled throughout the region, organizers of the White Bird Rodeo, north of Riggins, say their event scheduled for Father's Day weekend in mid-June is still on schedule.