Boise Police Disperse Downtown Melee


Fourteen people were locked up, two were sent to the hospital and Boise Police had to call in extra help to clear hundreds of people from downtown streets early this morning.

According to Boise Police reports, between 200-300 people filled the intersection of Sixth and Main just after 2 o'clock this morning. At least three fights broke out, and officers heard others threatening violence.

Fearing for their own safety and the safety of the crowd, officers called for assistance. Boise Fire, Ada County Emergency Medical Services, Garden City Police and Idaho State Police all responded. Officers formed two skirmish lines to force people out of the streets.

"This grew to a point where officers were concerned people could get hurt and businesses could get damaged," said BPD's Lt. Rob Gallas, who was on the scene. "Fortunately, officers used their training, called for help and were able to get the area cleared safely."

A litany of charges followed, including assault, public intoxication, battery on an officer, resisting officers and failure to disperse. In all, officers say the incident lasted approximately 35-40 minutes.