Another Iceland Volcano Erupts; European Air Routes Open For Now


UPDATE: Sunday 12:00 PM - Ash from an erupting Icelandic volcano could reach northern Scotland by Tuesday and parts of Britain, France and Spain by Thursday or Friday if the eruption continues at the same intensity. The warning is based on the latest 5-day weather forecasts, but is being treated cautiously because of uncertainties over the way the volcano will behave and interact with the weather.
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A year ago, transatlantic air traffic suffered a major disruption when the Eyjafjallajokull Volcano in Iceland burst into life. Yesterday, the Grimsvotn Volcano, deemed Iceland's most active volcano, erupted in what experts said was a stronger blas than its last outbreak in 2004. A volcanic plume shot 12 miles into the sky, forming a huge bubbling mass above the clouds high over the North Atlantic island.

While experts expect some re-routing of some transatlantic flights, "There is no reason to expect Grimsvotn's current erupt to produce the volume of finely fragmented ash" that caused last year's disruption," according to Open University Volcano Dynamics Group expert David Rothery.