Education Overhaul Opponents "Almost" to Signature Goal


Organizers of a campaign to put three education overhaul laws to a citizen vote say they are "almost there," with approximately 10,000 more signatures to go. The group, dubbed Idahoans for Responsible Education Reform, had previously said they were looking for 80,000 names on each of three petitions. The petitions must be submitted to county clerks for verification by June 1, before forwarding them to the Secretary of State's office by June 6. Fifty signing events are planned statewide for Saturday.

Meanwhile a second group, The Common Sense Democracy Foundation, is challenging Idaho school chief Tom Luna's allegations that Idaho public school teachers were campaigning and showing support for Luna's recall while on school grounds. In response, the group has filed a public records request asking that Luna's office release all communications regarding the allegations. You can read the public records request below.