What to Do About the Library? A Preview of Wednesday's BW


When Boise Mayor Dave Bieter gives his State of the City address tomorrow morning, he'll point to successes and challenges of the past, and no doubt, he will trumpet proposed future projects. The content of the address, which will be presented Wednesday morning at the Boise Centre, is still under a tight lid, but the mayor is expected to talk about libraries at some point.

While the Bieter administration has seen the successful launch of three new neighborhood libraries (and a fourth planned for Bown Crossing), a larger question remains: what to do about the main branch on Capitol Boulevard?

Built for $2.6 million in 1972, the main library faces $2.6 million in repairs and renovations over the next few years. In 2000, a consultant said a new building would cost approximately $40 million. In 2009, that figure ballooned to $118 million. In tomorrow's BW, we examine Boise's big library decision.

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