Crapo: Don't Tie Gang of Six Negotiations to Debt Ceiling Debate


Idaho Republican Sen. Mike Crapo rejects the notion that bipartisan "Gang of Six" meetings are in the final throes of negotiations in their effort to hammer out a long-term debt-reduction compromise.

In spite of what The New York Times called a possible "make-or-break week," Crapo told Citydesk that he has seen similar analyses "four or five times over the last six to eight weeks."

"It's always interesting to me to see an analysis that says, 'It has to happen by this date or it's irrelevant or it's not going to happen or it's going to fall apart,'" said Crapo. "It's very tough to negotiate a broad-based plan that will literally change the structural approach with our fiscal debt crisis."

Crapo said it would also be a mistake to tie the gang of six negotiations to the ongoing debate over the nation's debt ceiling.

"They're occurring in the same time frame," said Crapo. "But I believe [the gang of six meetings] transcend the shorter-term issue of the debt ceiling."