Nampa, Idaho Falls to Consider New Auditorium Districts


The hotly contested issue of an auditorium district, which would be able to assess taxes and market public facilities, will be played out in this coming Tuesday's election, and not just in Boise. While Boise has had an auditorium district in place for more than a half-century, voters in Nampa and Idaho Falls will be voting this week to create new auditorium districts, with authority to collect up to a 5 percent room tax to fund local convention centers and to market those facilities.

Supporters of a new auditorium district in Nampa say they could begin collecting a room tax as soon as 60 days after the election if voters give their OK. They promise to improve existing facilities such as the Idaho Center and Nampa Civic Center and build a new convention center to serve Canyon County.

Proponents in Idaho Falls are hoping to build a new events center to host concerts, hockey games and trade shows.