Report: Millions in Outside PAC, Corporate Funds Funneled to Idaho Pols


Fueled by what its members call "concern and disappointment" in the 2011 Idaho legislative session, the Idaho American Association of Retired Persons is taking aim at Idaho lawmakers' source of campaign cash.

An AARP report, released today, confirmed what many had already guessed: Significant amounts of cash are flowing into Idaho politicians' war chests from corporations and political action committees, many of them outside the state.

Among the findings in the AARP Annual Campaign Contributions Report:
-$2.7 million from corporations, businesses and PACs supported 2010 winning candidates for governor, lieutenant governor and the Idaho Legislature.
-35 percent of all contributions by corporations, businesses and PACs came from outside of Idaho.
-34 legislators received 90 percent or more of their campaign contributions from the groups.
-Only 14 state lawmakers didn't receive the majority of the campaign funds from corporations, businesses and PACs.

"State government officials and processes are often viewed as more responsive to moneyed special interests than those of the general public," said Jim Wordelman, AARP Idaho state director. "Low public confidence in state politics can lead to a broken system."

You can read the full report here.