More Idahoans, Fewer Homeowners


The U.S. Census Bureau released its latest Idaho data today. There are more Idahoans, fewer homeowners, more renters and a significant bump in vacant homes.

Idaho's 2010 population of 1,567,582 was 21 percent higher than a decade ago. More than 89 percent of the population was reported to be white. Eleven percent were reported to be Hispanic or Latino (though their origin could be of any race). The average family size was approximately three individuals (almost exactly the same as a decade ago).

While 69.9 percent of houses were owner-occupied, that's a 3 percent drop from 2000. Renter-occupied housing units, more than 30 percent, climbed by 9 percent. The number of vacant homes, 88,388, jumped by 20 percent.

The median Idaho age was 34.6. Thirty percent of the population was age 19 or younger, while 12.4 percent were 65 or older.