It's Time to Begin Slicing Up Idaho


The all-important task of redistricting Idaho has unofficially begun. Citizens can now slice up Idaho's congressional and legislative districts and submit them to the 2011 Redistricting Commission that will convene in June. You don't have to submit your ideas—rather, you can work on your maps for your own reference.

Here's how it works. The Idaho Legislature has set up a link to something called Maptitude, which provides a template of the Gem State. The goal is for each of Idaho's two congressional districts to have an equivalent number of people (approximately 783,000), and each of Idaho's legislative districts to have have no more than 10 percent of every other legislative district (approximately 45,000 but no more than 47,027). Redistricting guidelines spell out the legal requirements. No special software is necessary. The online service stores all maps on its own server and not on your computer's local hard drive.