NCAA Accuses Boise State of Major Violation; Coaches Dismissed


Boise State University has been hit with a major violation from the National Collegiate Athletic Association, alleging "a lack of institutional control." The major violation came in the wake of an inquiry containing 22 minor allegations from 2005-2010.

In May 2010, Boise State formally responded to the minor violations and agreed to a summary disposition with the NCAA. But in October 2010, a new, serious violation surrounding Boise State's tennis program surfaced. As a result, two coaches were removed from the program and have since left the university. But as a result of the new information, the NCAA decided that the case should be sent to its Committee on Infractions for a full investigation. The committee will review the violations at a meeting to be held in Indianapolis on June 10.

The major violation charged women's tennis head coach Mark Tichenor and former assistant coach Tiffany Coll with "unethical conduct." Both coaches left Boise State in November 2010. The NCAA alleged that the coaches provided a prospective student-athlete with transportation, lodging and entertainment expenses before the student was enrolled. It also alleges that the coaches lied about the violations.

"Our internal review was comprehensive and our response was very detailed," said Boise State President Bob Kustra. "We will continue to provide our full cooperation."

You can read a full accounting of the NCAA inquiry below.