Ben Kuzma Named New General Manager of Boise Co-op


Boise Co-op has hired a new president and general manager.

Ben Kuzma, after serving stints as general manager for similar co-ops in Tucson, Ariz., and Belfast, Maine, will start his new position in Boise on June 13.

"Ben has a passion, a vision and a commitment to customer service that will position our organization as a major contributor in the Treasure Valley for years to come," said Pat Haas, acting board chairman for Boise Co-op.

Kuzma faces several challenges:
- Longtime Boise Co-op General manager Ken Kavanagh was fired in January, resulting in some stinging public comments but eventually ending in a private settlement.
- Some co-op employees recently contacted the Communications Workers of America about the possibility of introducing a union to the workplace.
- Whole Foods Markets will soon break ground on a new upscale grocery store on the west side of Broadway Ave. between Front and Myrtle streets in Downtown Boise.

Boise Co-op, operating since 1973, boasts 40,000 members and other Treasure Valley residents as its consumers.