Holmes' Attorneys Asking for Release Prior to Court Martial


Pfc. Andrew Holmes
  • Pfc. Andrew Holmes

Attorneys for Pfc. Andrew Holmes of Boise are in military court today at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, outside of Seattle, trying to get war crimes charges dismissed against their client. Holmes is one of five soldiers charged in the killings of three Afghan civilians in Kandahar Province in January 2010.

A forensic pathologist testified for the defense today that photos of the victim's body did not conclusively link shotgun wounds to Holmes' machine gun. Dr. Michael Baden testified that the victim died from one or two isolated wounds and that there was no evidence of clustered bullet wounds from a machine gun.

Holmes' attorneys also argued that prosecutors violated their client's right to a speedy trial by confining him for nearly a year. They're also asking that Holmes be released from jail in advance of a court martial hearing, which could begin as early as June 27. If convicted of the charges, Holmes faces life in prison.