Freedom Foundation Targets Meridian Precious Metals Ordinance


Now that the Idaho Legislature has packed up for the year, the politically charged Idaho Freedom Foundation is turning its focus toward the Meridian City Council. In particular, IFF is asking its faithful to packed tonight's council meeting to protest Ordinance No. 11-1479.

Simply put, the proposed ordinance would requires all precious metals dealers in Meridian to be licensed. The ordinance also requires dealers to share information with the Meridian Police Department.

"It's all under the pretense of stopping crime caused by rising precious metals prices," wrote IFF director Wayne Hoffman to his members. "Unfortunately, what this will do instead is drive business elsewhere, drive some business underground and violate the privacy of buyers and sellers of a legal commodity."

Meridian police officials say the ordinance will help them better trace stolen goods. Tonight's meeting is set for 7 p.m. at Meridian City Hall.