Ada County Commissioners Consider Balloon Restrictions


Somebody apparently thinks there is a bit too much hot air—above Ada County. On Monday, April 11, commissioners will consider amending county code to restrict hot air balloons.

"No person shall operate, land or takeoff in a balloon, plane or other aircraft in Ada County Recreation and Events Services Areas without a written agreement..." reads the amendment. Violations would be punishable by a $100 fine.

Sponsors want to tack the amendment onto county law that restricts nuisance to property and wildlife.

UPDATE: A spokesman for Ada County told Citydesk that "Ada County Recreation and Events Services Areas means land managed by Ada County's Recreations and Event Services Department, which covers Expo Idaho/Western Idaho Fair property."

"The proposed ordinance comes as a result of a recent balloon incident which resulted in the balloon hitting some power lines on the fairgrounds which caused a great deal of electrical damage to county property," said Rich Wright, Director of Ada County Department of Administration.