Potential Shutdown Looms for Federal Agencies


U.S. lawmakers are playing "beat the clock" in an effort to avert a possible weekend shutdown of federal offices and services. Meetings at the White House and on Capitol Hill have yet to yield any kind of a breakthrough to reach a 2011 spending compromise.

No accord could result in the closure of U.S. agencies for the first time in 15 years, though Idaho senior U.S. Sen. Mike Crapo said there are few similarities with the last shutdown during the Clinton administration.

"Back in 1995, there was a different, and quite frankly, a less flexible approach to this type of stalemate," Crapo told Citydesk."This year, there are greater understandings of how we would have to pause some governmental functions while we resolve these issues."

But freshman Idaho Rep. Raul Labrador was less conciliatory.

"The president and Democrat leadership in the Senate have done nothing to show any desire to do what is necessary to fix our economy and put people back to work," said Labrador.

Meanwhile, the American Federation of Government Employees scheduled informational pickets outside of federal agencies across the United States on Wednesday, protesting the potential shutdown. Only two showed up for an informational picket outside the Boise Social Security office.

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