FSIS Orders More Testing of Culled Dairy Cows; Read Today's BW Feature


The nation's top food safety agency is ramping up its monitoring for chemical residues left by animal drugs. According to Food Safety News, the United States Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service "is going to take more names, and do more testing."

In the wake of drug residue violations tied to dairy cows, FSIS is ordering inspectors to collect more information on dairy cows and veal calves sent to slaughterhouses. The notice says FSIS "has recently observed that certain establishments have multiple residue violations because they repeatedly purchase livestock from the same sources and have not effectively used the historical information about the residue violations from sources to reassess the adequacy of their hazard analysis."

The FSIS violations, Food and Drug Administration's plans to test milk from "same source violators," and unofficial testing conducted by Idaho dairymen are all part of this week's BW feature story.