Senate Passes 20-Week Ban on Abortions


The state Senate has passed a measure that outlaws any Idaho abortion past 20 weeks. The bill makes one exception: if the mother's life is at risk. However, there are no exceptions in the case of rape or incest. The 24-10 vote followed an hour of emotional testimony.

Republican Sen. Chuck Winder of Boise, the bill's sponsor: "If you abort a child after the 20th week, you're inflicting pain on that child."

Democratic Sen. Diane Bilyeu of Pocatello: "I think this bill is full of heartache."

Republican Sen. Sheryl Nuxoll of Cottonwood: "This is a bill on fetal pain. We're talking about a baby."

Democratic Sen. Dan Schmidt of Moscow, who is a physician: "We're discussing a bill that potentially could make many doctors in this state felons unknowingly."

Senate Bill 1165 now heads to the House for consideration.