National Professor's Association Probes Suspension of ISU Faculty Senate


The American Association of University Professors has launched an investigation into Idaho State's suspension of the Faculty Senate. The Feb. 17 suspension came after Idaho State faculty had given Idaho State President Arthur Vailas a vote of no confidence, the third faculty vote against his administration in less than a year.

The AAUP probe could result in Idaho State being censured by the national organization, which, in turn, could restrict the university's drive to attract higher-quality professors.

Meanwhile, a former Idaho State professor slapped a second lawsuit against the university this past week. Habib Sadid said he was fired from his post as civil engineering professor for voicing his discontent with Idaho State policies. Sadid filed his second suit in federal court last Tuesday, telling the Idaho State Journal that U.S. district court is a better venue to argue a case of free speech.