First Luna Bill Passes House, Heads for Governor's Signature


Senate Bill 1108 has passed the Idaho House, 48-22, and is now headed for a certain signature from Governor C.L. "Butch" Otter (the bill has already passed through the Senate). SB 1108 will dramatically change the lives of thousands of Idaho instructors, stripping their rights of collective bargaining and gutting tenure. Senate Bill 1110, which proposes a new pay-for-performance plan, is to be debated and voted on tomorrow.

Nine Republican Representatives crossed the aisle to join 13 Democrats to vote against SB 1108. The Republicans who voted no include Representatives Darrell Bolz, Gary Collins, George Eskridge, Janice McGeachin, Jeff Nessett, Robert Schaefer, Leon Smith, Tom Trail and Richard Wills.

Today's noontime vote followed three hours of vigorous debate. Here's a sample:

Democratic Rep. Cherie Buckner-Webb: "I find this disrespectful."

Republican Rep. Bob Nonini: "The overarching premise of this bill is local control."

Democratic Rep. Donna Pence: "This is really a race to the bottom. This is just nuts."