Idaho is Second Most Conservative in the Country


A new poll released by the Gallup organization reported Idaho to be the second-most conservative state in the nation, second only to Mississippi.

The survey said 48.5 percent of Idahoans labeled themselves as conservative, 38.5 percent considered themselves as moderate and 14.9 percent were self-identified as liberal. Rounding out the top 10 were Alabama, Wyoming, Utah, South Dakota, Louisiana, North Dakota, South Carolina and Arkansas. The most liberal: District of Columbia followed by Vermont and Rhode Island. Oregon is listed as seventh most liberal. Washington was number nine.

Some other findings in the new Gallup poll:
- 53.6 percent of polled Idahoans lean toward Republicans
- 29.7 percent lean toward Democrats
- disapproval of President Obama is 59.9 percent (up from 46.7 percent last year)
- approval of President Obama is 31.6 percent (down from 43.3 percent last year)