The Wheels on the Bus Go Cash, Cash, Cash


Republican Sen. Chuck Winder of Boise will unveil Senate Bill 1111 later today. It's a proposal to raise money for local school districts by selling billboards on school buses. Nearly a dozen other states currently allow rolling billboards but not without significant debate.

Jim Metrock, president of Obligation Inc., an Alabama-based child advocacy organization, said advertising is being forced on a captive audience and giving children the impression that their school is endorsing products.

"These kids are not up to the highest bidder," said Metrock.

It's not the first time schools have courted ad-generated controversy. Channel One News, an in-school TV network used in thousands of middle and high schools, includes ads in its broadcasts. A study published in 2006 by the American Academy of Pediatrics found students remember more ads from the broadcasts than news stories.