"Wolves Have No Place in Endangered Species Act"


The Idaho Freedom Foundation, which has recently advocated for nullification of what it calls Obamacare, has picked up another issue: the debate over wolves in Idaho. The organization teamed up with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Idaho Outfitters and Guides to bring its drive to repeal the Endangered Species Act to Boise State on Feb. 16.

“The wolves have no place in the Endangered Species Act,” said Jim Beers, retired special agent for U.S. Fish and Wildlife. “They’re nothing but dogs and don’t let anyone tell you different.”

Beers, a 30-year veteran of Fish and Wildlife, told a room of students and activists that his former employer “is dismal.”

“Fish and Wildlife doesn’t want to manage the land or the wildlife,” said Beers. “Once they started hiring women and minorities, the service went from managing the land and wildlife to saving all the animals and habitats.”