Labrador and Simpson Vote for Budget Bill, Cutting $60 Billion


Idaho Congressmen Raul Labrador and Mike Simpson joined their Republican brethren early this morning, passing a budget bill that slashes more than $60 billion in discretionary funding. The 235-189 vote came in today's pre-dawn hours, following four days and nights of a free-wheeling floor debate.

"The net result of the passage of this resolution will be a return to fiscal sanity," said Labrador. "We have a very long road ahead of us but we have taken a definitive step."

The vote sets up a showdown with the Democratic-controlled U.S. Senate and Obama White House. Each side has warned that a standoff could lead to a federal government shutdown early next month.

The House-approved budget package relaxes some gun controls, bans federal funding to Planned Parenthood, cuts authority from the Environmental Protection Agency, kills the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and eliminates $747 million out of food assistance to the poor.