Idaho High Schooler Challenges Luna to Debate


An 18-year-old high school student from American Falls has officially challenged Idaho Superintendent of Public Institution to a debate. The Idaho State Journal reports that Brayden Morgan, a senior at American Falls High School, is pretty certain that he's got better ideas than Luna when it comes to improving education in Idaho.

"I think we should do it in the best possible way, not just the fastest way," Morgan told the Journal. "I want to slow down the process, to have a chance to show other viable options that could be superior."

Morgan said Luna's plan would result in inequality among schools, not provide enough supervision for online classes, and doesn't include a broad network to hold teachers, principals and administrators accountable.

Morgan e-mailed his challenge to Luna's office, saying, "We are confident our counter proposal is superior to the current legislation as it is based on a viable business model that embraces research and effective capitalistic practices."

Luna could underestimate Morgan at his own peril. Morgan will represent Idaho at the National Forensic League extemporaneous speaking tournament this summer.