Boise Crime Stats: Murder and Burglary Down, Graffiti and Vandalism Up


Mostly good news was revealed this afternoon as the Boise Police Department released its report on 2010 crime in the City of Trees.

Burglaries, both residential and commercial, hit their lowest level since at least 1980 (when the department began keeping records). Overall, burglary was down 18.5 percent. Aggravated assault was down nearly 17 percent but reported injuries to children went up 5.3 percent. Murders dropped (from six in 2009 to three in 2010). Robbery dipped 9.4 percent. While theft remained steady overall, theft from motor vehicles (including parts) jumped 13.7 percent.

Graffiti caused the biggest stain on crime stats in 2010, jumping 39 percent. Other highlights included drops in bad checks, DUIs and loitering. Increases were reported in forgery (10.7 percent), vandalism (9.1 percent), drug violations (8 percent) and runaways (5.4 percent).