Survey: Budget Cuts Affected K-12 Education, Support Sales Tax Increase


A new survey of Idaho public opinion reveals that 49 percent of those polled feel that the state is headed in the right direction.

The 20th Idaho Public Policy Survey was unveiled today by Boise State's Public Policy Center. The study was conducted in November and December 2010 and covers a wide variety of issues including the economy, tax and spending policies, health care, education and immigration.

Some of the findings:
- 56 percent feel that state budget cuts have affected the quality of their children's education.
- 67 percent think immigration is a problem in Idaho.
- 62 percent believe counties should deny indigent health services to undocumented workers.
- 53 percent think Idaho should raise the sales tax to support the K-12 school budget.
- 59 percent say the state is not investing enough in higher education.

You can read the initial findings of the survey at Boise State's Public Policy Center's website.