Rev. Jesse Jackson in Idaho: "A renewed commitment for economic and racial justice."


Presidential candidate, civil rights activist and political icon Rev. Jesse Jackson visited Idaho today. Jackson addressed students and faculty at the University of Idaho as part of the university's Black History Month celebrations.

Before his address, which will happen tonight, Jackson took a few questions from the media, including Citydesk.

"Tonight is an opportunity for this campus to engage in a challenge," said Jackson. "A challenge to complete our journey as Americans to fight poverty, to stop violence and and ultimately appreciate the need for a renewed commitment for economic and racial justice."

Citydesk asked Jackson to weigh in on the controversial Affordable Care Act, which Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden and 25 other AGs are battling in federal courtrooms.

"We can certainly tweak it if there are adjustments to be made," said Jackson. "But the idea of affordable health care for all Americans is a big deal. I hope that health-care reform will survive this test. Some people are attacking it for blind political reasons, but I challenge them to look at people who otherwise would have no medical protection."