Weather Creates Roadblock for Mega-loads


ConocoPhillips' shipment of mega-loads is not going as planned.

Due to a wintry blast icing the already-challenging U.S. Highway 12, a giant piece of oil refinery equipment remains parked just outside of Kooskia. The load was expected to arrive at the Idaho-Montana border by this time tomorrow. No official word yet if the load will try to roll again at 10 p.m. tonight.


Meanwhile, Conoco ran into a major snag in the second day of its journey from the Port of Lewiston to Billings, Mont. Traffic delays weren't expected to be any longer than 15 to 20 minutes, but an extremely sharp curve between the towns of Greer and Kamiah proved to be more challenging that originally thought. As a result, some delays were as long as 59 minutes.

Adam Rush, spokesman for the Idaho Transportation Department, said a new traffic plan will be required before the next load can leave the Port of Lewiston, which is now scheduled for Monday, Feb. 7.