Idaho's Main Street Alliance Rallies to Support Obamacare


The stage is set in the nation's capital for the U.S. House to vote on repealing the health care overhaul.

President Barack Obama said he is willing to work with both parties to improve the Affordable Care Act but warned lawmakers shouldn't "go backward" and repeal the measure.

Meanwhile, a small group gathered in front of Boise's downtown post office Tuesday afternoon to show their support for the law and to ask Idaho's Congressional delegation not to support any repeal.

"We believe there are huge benefits to the health care bill," said Nancy Snodgrass, Director of the Main Street Alliance. "Not only to Idaho's small businesses but to all citizens."

Snodgrass was joined by Joe Alcala, the owner of J.B. Steel and Construction, who said that a requirement to buy health care makes for a fairer bidding process as contractors that don't provide health care for their employees can underbid those that do.

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