New Boise Survey: Panhandling, Foothills and Local Option are "Hot Buttons"


What do Boiseans care about? Certainly the economy. But also air quality, housing affordability, the crime rate and services for the disabled and senior citizens.

Every two years, the City of Boise conducts a citizen survey and today the 2010 results were unveiled.

Among the findings:
-Unemployment/economy was the single most important issue facing Boise (34 percent of respondents) followed by public transportation (13 percent) and sprawl (13 percent).
-Of 25 attributes measured, air quality had the greatest increase in positive ratings, followed by housing affordability, the crime rate, availability of programs for the disabled, and adequacy of support services for senior citizens.
-The highest ranked budget priorities were core services (public safety and attracting new businesses), followed by sustainability (environmental protection and public transportation) and recreation (parks and open space).
-Of "hot button" issues, 78 percent surveyed said they strongly agreed with stricter limits on panhandling. Sixty percent of respondents said they would support a new serial levy to further protect the Foothills. And 56 percent of respondents said they favor giving voters the choice to raise the local sales tax to support transportation.

The survey of 550 adults was conducted in October 2010 using a mix of phone and online questionnaires.

You can read the full survey here.