MLK Day Part One


For some Idahoans, the third Monday in January is a day for optimism. For others it's a day for rebellion. In either instance, it's a uniquely democratic soup of ceremonies, demonstrations and rallies.

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a federal holiday honoring the 82nd anniversary of the birth of the Civil Rights icon. It is also known as Idaho Human Rights Day, a state holiday.

A group of citizens began their day on campus at Boise State, commencing a march up Capitol Boulevard.


"Boise is a really small community," Dre Juarez told Citydesk. "And you tend to figure that out meeting different sorts of different minorities here. I think these are not just equal rights for race issues but for all issues."

Juarez was one of scores of students, parents, administrators and activists who made their way to Boise's City Hall Plaza.

"We need to snap out of what I call the 'messiah mentality,'" said Mario Venegas, speaker at the rally. "It's the notion that one person can help every single person. That's damaging and individualistic. One person alone cannot do anything."