Idaho Board of Pharmacy: "Everything Is Pending. Expect a Decision Next Week."


No formal report has yet been issued and no decision has been made in the investigation into a report of a Nampa pharmacist refusing to fill a prescription called in by a Planned Parenthood nurse practitioner.

Last November, the Planned Parenthood employee called a Canyon County Walgreens to fill a prescription for methergine, a drug commonly used to prevent or control uterine bleeding. According to the nurse practitioner, the pharmacist asked if the drug had anything to do with an abortion. When the caregiver said federal law protected her from answering, she said the pharmacist refused to fill the prescription and hung up the phone.

"Our chief investigative officer, Jan Atkinson, is still working on the case," said Mark Johnston, executive director of the pharmacy board. "I hope to have the completed report next week. We're real close."

Johnston told Citydesk that the investigator traditionally huddles with staff to determine if there was a violation.

"But any possible discipline would ultimately be decided in an administrative hearing by our board of pharmacy," said Johnston.

With Monday, Jan. 17 being a state holiday—Martin Luther King, Jr. Day—Johnston said he doesn't expect to see the report until Tuesday, Jan. 18 at the earliest.