Conoco: "The Delays Must End"


Saying they have been "delayed long enough," ConocoPhillips has filed what it hopes to be a final response to opponents of of its four massive loads of equipment and its request to roll the mega-loads across Idaho's U.S. Highway 12.

In the wake of a hearing officer's recommendation to Idaho Transportation Department Director Brian Ness to let the loads roll, opponents filed an objection. In response, Conoco said the petitioners "failed to raise any points, legal theories or other reasons justifying any change to the hearing officer's recommendation."


Conoco's 36-page filing includes its version of the lengthy legal process which included arguments before an Idaho District Court Judge, Idaho's State Supreme Court and Special Hearing Officer Merlyn Clark.

"The delays must end," Conoco argued. The company "needs to get two coke drums to Billings [,Mont.] in order to make much needed repairs to its refinery, which is a critical source of domestic energy, supplying over 7 percent of Idaho's gasoline alone."

You can read Conoco's full filing below.