Idaho Education Association Leader: Superintendent's Plan Full of Gimickry


"I'm sick about this," Sherri Wood, president of the Idaho Education Association told Citydesk late Wednesday in the wake of Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna's proposals to dramatically change K-12 classrooms.

In a presentation to a joint session of the Idaho House and Senate education committees, Luna outlined what he called his "three pillars" of school reform, including eliminating teachers' tenure, instituting pay-for-performance, gutting collective bargaining and raising class sizes.

"Although he's calling this reform," said Wood, "What he's really doing is taking rights away from teachers."

In his presentation, Luna referred to his recent re-election win, but Wood said "I don't think voters cast their ballots for smaller classes and fewer teachers."

When asked about Luna's proposal to give a new laptop to Idaho ninth graders, Wood countered,"I don't see how giving a computer to a child can be better than the one-on-one attention that so many of them need."

"It's very frustrating," Wood told Citydesk. "I don't know why a young teacher would move to Idaho or even stay in Idaho with this kind of gimickry."